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International Relations Office

In today's world, talking about education, research and employability implies an international component.

At UNIE University, we encourage our students, teaching, and research staff to have an international experience as part of our internationalization plan. This strategy is implemented through initiatives and agreements with foreign institutions, offering global opportunities for mobility to the five continents through different, complementary calls for proposals.



An international experience significantly impacts students by enriching their education, improving communication skills, expanding their understanding of different cultures and perspectives, and enhancing their language abilities, teamwork, resilience, and empathy, among other skills. These attributes are highly valued by leading 21st-century companies.  Within our range of international experiences, we provide study, internship, and teaching opportunities through the Erasmus+ framework, along with bilateral agreements beyond the European Union, summer courses, dual programs, and "at home" global engagement activities.

International Mobility of Students, Teaching and Research Staff and Administrative and Service Staff

The UNIE International Relations Office is responsible for centralizing the planning, management, implementation, and evaluation of the Erasmus+ Program at the University, as well as other international programs.

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Our office directed by the Vice-Chancellor for Research and International Relations.

The Erasmus Office offers students, administrative staff (PAS), and teaching and research staff (PDI) various destinations for study or internship stays (students), training (PAS and PDI), or teaching (PDI), thanks to the agreements and institutional partnerships established with other universities and companies.

Through this website, announcements for Erasmus+ scholarship and placement applications will be made once a year.

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Faculty (PDI), Research Staff (PAS) and Mobility

UNIE University encourages the mobility of teaching and research staff as an essential aspect of its internationalization strategy. This is achieved through a continually expanding network of partner universities bot h within the European Union and globally. Formed through collaboration agreements with prestigious universities, this network enhances UNIE University’s institutional and academic ties with international partners.

The International Mobility Programs are part of the initiatives driven by both the Vice-Chancellor for Research and International Relations through its Strategic Internationalization Plan and institutionally by the Chancellor's Office. These initiatives aim to facilitate not only the international mobility of teaching and research staff but also student mobility, the creation of dual and double degree programs, membership in international university networks, participation of international research groups, and the involvement in competitive international research projects.

Student Mobility

Student mobility is divided into outgoing and incoming.

UNIE University is dedicated to promoting its international presence and the global opportunities available to its students. From the start, the university provides numerous opportunities for students to complete their studies at various European universities and institutions through established Collaboration Agreements within the Erasmus+ Program.

By studying abroad with the Erasmus+ Program:

  • You do not have to pay tuition or registration fees at the host university.
  • Your studies abroad count as an integral part of your degree.
  • You receive an EU grant to cover living and travel expenses.


Scholarships and Grants

The Erasmus grant aims to offset the differences in the cost of living between the home and host countries and to help cover additional expenses such as travel. Existing financial aid is designed for this purpose and is generally intended to complement one another.

At UNIE University, we understand that studying in another country involves additional costs. Therefore, there are various financial aid programs for international mobility students, such as the following:

  • European Commission: The European Commission, through SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education), allocates funds based on the destination country, with a maximum funding period of seven months. You can calculate the grant you would receive based on the destination and duration of your stay via this link. These funds are subject to the distribution by the Spanish National Erasmus Agency – SEPIE. The allocation criteria for the 2023-24 academic year can be viewed here.
  • Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and Sport: Ministry scholarships are compatible with Erasmus scholarships. More information can be found on the Ministry's website.
  • Autonomous Communities: Some autonomous communities offer additional support to residents of their region. The Community of Madrid provides information on scholarships and grants on their website.
  • Santander Erasmus Scholarships: Sponsored by Banco Santander, these scholarships are available to students selected for Erasmus mobility during the academic year. The requirements set by the bank can be read here.

Linguistic immersion from the EU

Online Language Learning (OLS) aims to help Erasmus+ and European Solidarity participants enhance their proficiency in the language they will use while working, studying, or volunteering abroad, enabling them to fully benefit from the experience. Promoting language learning and linguistic diversity is one of the key objectives of the Erasmus+ program.

OLS is offered in all official languages of the European Union. It is also available in the official languages of the countries participating in the Erasmus+ program and the European Solidarity Corps. For more information, click on the following link

Incoming student mobility is aimed at students from non-Spanish institutions who wish to complete their academic training in certain subjects taught at UNIE Universidad.


Nomination deadlines 
Autumn semesterApril 15th
Spring semesterNovember 1st
Learning Agreement deadlines 
Autumn semesterJune 15th
Spring semesterDecember 1st
Language of classes 
Spanish B1

We offer onlinelanguage support classes

with small fee

ECTS Grading System 
UNIE/The Core scaleECTS scale
9-10 (Outstanding/Very Good)A, B (Excellent, VeryGood)
7-8.9 (Good)C (Good)
5-6.9 (Satisfactory)D, E (Satisfactory, Sufficient)
0-4.9 (Unsatisfactory)F (Fail)



Required documents 
  • Application form and letter
  • Transcript of records and learning agreements
  • Insurance and emergency card
  • Valid passport copy

[email protected]

Arapiles 14, Chamberí. 28015 Madrid

91 903 22 01

No tuition fee for students of UNIE partner institutions

Small feesmay be charged for language courses

[email protected]

Students are provided with an accommodation list from UNIE

Optional accommodation agencies with additional fees can also be provided

[email protected]


EU citizens must travel with European International Health Card, EHIC

Optional travelinsurance is highly recommended

[email protected]


Student Services – UNIE Community

  • Student Services: UNIE University assigns each student an advisor who will be in contact from their first day of class to their last. Through the International Relations Office, this advisor will support students in resolving questions and managing issues with other university departments. Additionally, the advisor will assist with navigating life in Madrid. Explore our recommendations on important topics such as bank accounts, health insurance, legal matters, and accommodation options.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Unit: The Diversity and Inclusion Unit assists students with specific educational support needs and/or those in vulnerable situations through targeted actions, activities, and sessions to ensure their successful integration into the university community.

  • University Clubs: Explore your interests, share experiences and propose initiatives in UNIE Community.

  • Volunteering: You will be able to participate in activities related to sustainability and social impact.

  • Sports: Improve your health and develop skills while enriching your student life with sports such as soccer, volleyball, yoga and more.

  • Buddy Program: The Buddy Program is an initiative that pairs first-year students with upperclassmen who act as mentors. Sign up for this initiative and you will be assigned a buddy or peer mentor to help you adjust to college life.


CourseETCS CourseETCS
International Economics6 International Business Communication6
International Business Communication6 International Financial Planning6
Human Resource Management6 International Business Intelligence6
International Financial Planning6 Data Analysis6
International Business Intelligence6 Artificial Intelligence6
CourseETCS CourseETCS
International Business Enviroment6 Decision making models6
Introduction to International Marketing6 Introduction to International Marketing6
Culture and Business in Europe6 International Business Management6
International Trade6 Probabilistic mathematics6
International Business Management6 Advanced programming6


CourseETCS CourseETCS
International Business Communication6 International Business Law6
Introduction to Econmics and Business6 Contemporary Sociopolitical Context6
Human Resources Management6 Culture and Business in Latin America6
International Market Research6 Taxation and sources of international financing6
International product, price and promotion decisions6 Culture and Business in Africa6
CourseETCS CourseETCS
International Business Enviroment6 International Relations and Geopolitcs6
Introduction to International Marketing6 Culture and Business in NA6
International Trade6 Culture and Business in MENA countries6
International Business Management6 Culture and Business in Asia-Pacific region6
International distribution and logitics challanges6 EU Law6


CourseETCS CourseETCS
Data Base6 Programming 
Numerical Methods for Linear Algebra6 Chemistry 
Mathematics of Ordinary Differential Equations6 Physics I 
Data Science6 Differential Equations 
Artificial Intelligence6 Elasticity and Strength of Materials 
CourseETCS CourseETCS
Advanced programming6 Probability and Statistics 6
Programming languages and computer tools6 Physics II6
Mathematics of Partial Derivative Equations6 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer6
Data Mining6 Quality Control6
Big Data6 Industrial Computing and Communications6


CourseETCS CourseETCS
Physiological psychology II6 Fundamentals of physiotherapy, clinical reasoning and research6
Psychology of thought6 Pharmacology in Physiotherapy6
Psychology of motivation and emotion6 Basic and advanced life support6
Research methods in behavioural sciences6 General Procedures in Physiotherapy II6
   General Procedures in Physiotherapy II6
CourseETCS CourseETCS
Social Psychology I6 Fundamentals of Psychology in Health Sciences6
Physiological Psychology I6 Assessment in Physiotherapy9
Psychology of memory and learning6 Medical-surgical conditions6
History of psychology6 General Procedures in Physiotherapy I (Kinesitherapy, massotherapy...) 9


*Students can study in English courses regards other field of knowledge.

Guides available for Erasmus+ students

Once students are selected, UNIE University provides them with the Erasmus+ Student Application Forms. This document outlines the rights and obligations of participants in an Erasmus+ mobility program for the entire duration of their stay, whether for study or internship purposes.

Obtaining the Erasmus Charter is a prerequisite for any European higher education institution that wishes to initiate and sustain student and teacher mobility programs with other institutions under the Erasmus Project. This charter promotes cooperation in innovation and good practices within the framework of the Erasmus+ Program. The Erasmus Charter is currently issued for the entire duration of the current Erasmus+ Program (2023-2029).

Internationalization in the classroom

Innovative Teaching through Global Experiences

Collaboration with foreign university institutions through COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) projects and mirror lectures enriches the university community with international learning activities, incorporating international work into the academic model in the classroom.

  • Mirror lectures provide a teaching experience to professors and universities from different geographical areas who teach subjects with similar content. For students, this enriches their learning process by offering different perspectives on specific subjects without leaving the classroom. To successfully develop these methodologies, we have academic partners in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

  • COIL projects bring an innovative learning component while respecting the competencies and learning outcomes of the various programs in which they are implemented. UNIE students collaborate with higher education institutions to jointly develop projects guided by faculty from both collaborating institutions. The goal is for students to develop intercultural competencies that enhance their employability in an increasingly global environment, all without leaving the classroom. Our professors have been trained in innovative online teaching techniques, leveraging the advantages of new technologies while remaining in the classroom.


Closing of Erasmus, Bilateral and Global agreements

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Vice-Chancellor of Research and International Relations
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